Marketing Pitch for Saddle Ranch
​Chop House

West Hollywood, California

November 13, 2009

Marketing - Restaurant

LytePoint was approached by Vanessa Moore to create a unique marketing pitch presentation. Her target? Saddle Ranch Chop House!

She requested a patriotic, rock-a-billy rustic design. The template and presentation was designed from scratch and helped her land a marketing gig with SR Chop House!

BusinessFirst Marketing (BFM)​

Los Altos, California

November 12, 2009


LytePoint and BFM have enjoyed a collaborative relationship over the past year since teaming up in November of 2008.

With BFM's network of clientele in various industries such as Hi-Tech, Life Sciences, Financial Services and more, the variety of projects has been challenging and productive. Blog posts will notate BFM projects from various clients.

Consider BFM as a marketing resource and visit their site for more information…

BusinessFirst Marketing

Wikimedia Foundation​​

San Francisco, California

November 10, 2009

​Reference Projects

LytePoint worked with Solid Ground U.S. in collaboration with Wikimedia Foundation to produce a presentation focused on providers and users and how they interact in Wikipedia and its Community. Wikimedia receives the 5th most hits every month to its website, behind only Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook.


Laguna Beach, California

October 19, 2009

Teen Driving Awareness

LytePoint was approached with a project by a very devoted father: David. Following his daughter's death in a car crash, he and others founded JourneySafe, an outreach program dedicated to educating teens and parents about the unique risks faced by young drivers and their passengers.

LytePoint was privileged to redesign the existing PowerPoint tool used by David across the U.S. in schools and other venues.


San Diego, California

June 15, 2009


LytePoint was contacted by BusinessFirst Marketing to work with CareFusion which is a spinoff from Cardinal Health. Brand awareness and communication training was the goal of the presentation. Graphic displays were built to visually explain CareFusion's processes intended to help customers measurably improve patient care.

UCLA Medical Center David S. Khandabi, M.D.

Santa Monica, California

May 6, 2009



LytePoint was approached by David, M.D. from the Department of Anesthesiology at Olive View UCLA Medical Center to convert an article review into a PowerPoint presentation. Though brief, the article focused on: Intensive versus Conventional Glucose Control in Critically ​Ill Patients.

DeaMor Associates

Vancouver, Washington

February 24, 2009

Engineering & Architecture

LytePoint teamed up with a local engineering & architecture company, DeaMor Associates to work on their product pitch presentation. They needed a tool that would showcase their products and demonstrate their vast portfolio and work. Above is a sampling of their presentation.

Robert Mondavi - Legendary Vintner

Southern California

January 7, 2009


LytePoint was hired to help research and design a presentation for a SoCal University student. What started as a classroom report turned into a tribute to a man credited with putting the Napa Valley on the map.

Combining images, background music, a video clip and the significant facts of Mondavi's life, a 4 ½ minute biography of a legendary Vintner was produced!

CalStar Products​

Newark, California

November 5, 2009

Green Construction

LytePoint was hired by CalStar Products to produce a webinar presentation leading up to Greenbuild 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. The aim: reduce energy in mason construction.

Northpoint Escrow
​& Title

Laguna Beach, California

October 21, 2009

Real Estate

Mike brought LPC into his team to help visualize and simplify the escrow and title process for real estate agents. Their back-office services support the life of the listing, sale and commission.

Diversified Aerospace Consulting Group (DACG)​​

Seattle, Washington

August 28, 2009

Aerospace Consulting

LytePoint worked with DACG prior to the 2009 International Forum on Composite Material in Shanghai, China. Template design and process flows were built within the presentation. Above are a few slides from their deck.

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions​

New York, New York

August 27, 2009

Staffing Agency

LytePoint was contacted by Comprehensive Staffing Solutions out of NY only 12 hours prior to their presentation deadline. They needed a design that complemented their website to showcase their Business Development Plan. The above provides a sampling from the midnight-deadline dash!

Corporate Building Services, Inc. (CBSI)​

Los Angeles, California

June 5, 2009

Cleaning Services


LytePoint and CBSI produced a promotional piece for potential clients. More than just a PowerPoint presentation, they requested a timed animation piece converted to a Flash video to stream on their website.


Newark, California

April 13, 2009

Environmental Statistics

LytePoint had the privilege to once again work with Dr. Marc. This round focused on investment areas, energy sources and the built environment. Dr. Marc sent a sketch over and colorful chart representations were produced.

PMI Group

Walnut Creek, California

January 23, 2009

Mortgage Services

LytePoint was contacted by BusinessFirst Marketing to manage one of their client's presentations. The request was rather unique: hand drawn graphics with almost 50 audio clips of narration that were timed to animated objects. Using mock ups from PMI Group, I drew the various figures and assets with a digital pen tablet. The above is a sampling of the 41-slide finished project. Who says PowerPoint can't be fun?!

Law Enforcement Suicide Video​

San Bernardino, California

November 18, 2009

Psychological Services

LytePoint was hired by former employer The Counseling Team International (TCTI) to construct a video addressing the subject of Law Enforcement Suicide. Still images were set to music as statistics and thought-provoking text faded in and out during the video. TCTI continues to reach out and serve those who serve!

Diversified Investments Consulting Group​​

Seattle, Washington

November 26, 2009

Hedge Fund

LytePoint linked up with Diversified Investments - an affiliate of DACG for a new template design and presentation. The request was simple yet professional design to accentuate the overview of their services.

Green Grown
​Bulk, Inc.

Marina Del Rey, California

November 27, 2009

Health & Nutrition

LytePoint was contacted to design a visually-rich presentation for Green Grown Bulk. They were preparing to pitch the benefits of their super food powder (Super Reds & Greens) to Forever Living Products…a 30+ year company dedicated to seeking out nature's best sources for health.

CreativePartners Digital

New York, New York

February 20, 2009

Digital Media

CreativePartners Digital followed up their initial pitch deck with more  further drill-down for potential investors.  LPC translated their ideas into infographics.

CreativePartners Digital

New York, New York

January 14, 2009

Digital Media

CreativePartners Digital liased through Anne and LPC to pitch their services of investing in and integrating the competencies of companies poised to transition to the new 3.0 entertainment paradigm.

The first time I “met” Darren virtually, he stayed up all night with me to achieve a project deadline.   He converted a slide deck and produced a coherent, professional color schematic and framework.  It impressed a very senior, very particular person from the entertainment industry.  He is a gold standard pro! 

~Anne G. Andiorio

President & Founder of Wheel Houz, LLC

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Bible Valley​​

Ramat Hasharon, Israel

November 11, 2009 

​Marketing Promo Reel

LytePoint enjoyed a short stint with Dr. Efraim Warshaw, collaborating on a video project for Bible Valley. Israel's Bible Valley is a unique interfaith project, the only one of its kind in the world, which will replicate the lifestyle and stories of Biblical times.

CalStar Products​

Newark, California

November 17, 2009

Green Building Products

LytePoint was contacted by CalStar Products to build a Limited Partners presentation. They wanted website simulation in order to demonstrate the usefulness of their web tools. They also had me extract the video from their website and include it in the presentation. VIOLA!

M. Rosenberg Consulting​

Seattle, Washington

November 28, 2009


LytePoint worked with M. Rosenberg Consulting to prepare a presentation for the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's DLD Retreat. Three case examples were used to demonstrate how change was handled by major organizations: Microsoft, Boeing and UW Medicine.