Rappy & Company

New York, NY
April 7, 2013

Madden Manufacturing

Lake Ozark, MO
March 15, 2013

Joel at Garfinkle Executive Coaching tapped LPC yet again to develop several infographics for his website.

Louise at Travel Leaders, wanted to push past the boundaries of PowerPoint and update her current presentation using Prezi. LPC wielded the Prezi tool and produced a motion-filled deck.​​

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PowerPoint Design 24/7

Highlands Ranch, CO
March 4, 2013

Travel Leaders

Plymouth, MN
June 24, 2013

TCTI and LPC created a slide show depicting Law Enforcement and Fire in Critical Incidents. 

AIG - American International Group

New York, NY
January 4, 2013


Portland, OR
October 24, 2013
Strategy Consulting

This is a collection of some of the best work LPC has done for one if it's regular clients: Coraggio.
Watson Communications hired LPC to provide visuals demonstrating worldwide coverage of their FRANKE client.
In preparation for a proposal to Home Depot, Madden teamed up with LPC to showcase their Porch & Deck Rail product.

Integrated Building Systems

Colgate, WI
September 11, 2013

Comedy Time

Culver City, CA

February 11, 2013

Marketing agency, Camp Creative began using LPC as a design contractor for various projects/clients including Cisco. 
Comedy Time hired LPC to create a new PowerPoint template for them.​

The Counseling Team International

San Bernardino, CA
September 30, 2013

Garfinkle Executive Coaching

Oakland, CA
March 1, 2013

Apollo teamed up with LPC to splice together videos into a 2013 montage showcasing her latest book and various interviews.


Pheonix, AZ
February 8, 2013

IBS needed a new template design for their presentation along with an Excel-based fillable form to calculate system size, cost and depreciation for their clients.
A fellow design company, PowerPoint Design 24/7 tapped LPC to create a new template and convert content into the keynote address at the New Learning Technologies Conference.
Jim wanted to share the lessons he learned while starting four different companies and teamed up with LPC to realize this goal.
Using an established template, LPC assisted Rappy & Co to bring a older deck up to date.​


Seattle, WA
March 22, 2013

Cory Mann hired LPC to introduce her work and experience with Actionable Market Insights.

The Griessman Group

Atlanta, GA
March 8, 2013

LPC helped the Griessman Group convert an existing Visikard deck into a new template as well as incorporating updated animations.​
In early 2013, creativeLIVE added LPC to the design team assisting with graphic and presentation-related projects.
Mark with LBNL needed a short spread discussing advanced technology for white coatings in U.S. and China and solicited LPC’s services.
Once again LPC assisted Rappy & Co to bring an existing presentation into updated brand specifications for Mediamind.​

Watson Communications

King of Prussia, PA
April 12, 2013

RCA rolled out the Dupuy 401K Plan and hired LPC to design a template around their logo and branding to showcase their content and embed narration.
Looxcie needed a revamped presentation to introduce its latest product: Vidcie…real-time video streaming for a mobile world.

Camp Creative

Berkeley, CA
May 28, 2013

AIG brought LPC into their push to produce a deck explaining their Contingent Resource Management Program (CRM) featured in a supplier orientation forum.

The Counseling Team International

San Bernardino, CA
September 29, 2013

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Berkeley, CA
January 9, 2013
Science - Energy Efficiency

Rappy & Company

New York, NY
March 22, 2013

TCTI and LPC created a slide show depicting Law Enforcement in Critical Incidents. 

Home Care Assistance

Palo Alto, CA
February 18, 2013
Senior Care

TCTI and LPC compiled case histories on the subject of school violence and chronicled incidents in a slide show.

The Counseling Team International

San Bernardino, CA
June 28, 2013

RCA Pension Advisors

Plano, TX
February 6, 2013

LytePoint teamed up with N2You to help stylize their presentation on mobile technology.​


February 18, 2013

Cory Mann

Wakefield, MA
August 7, 2013


Sunnyvale, CA
August 21, 2013
Video Technology