This is an example of using full-bleed images with text and animations. 
This is an example of a modern, dark themed template with some fun animations. 


November, 2015


Fort Collins, CO

June, 2015

LytePoint assisted Eric Galen in designing a sales pitch deck for one of his clients, AxCent.
LytePoint helped Jenn of Marked Point give a fresh design to her presentation on the power of storytelling. 

Marked Point

San Francisco, CA

May, 2015
Branding, Digital Media

Advanced Animations

April, 2015

This video is based on a animated presentation designed for a recent client. It showcases some more advanced animations and begins to unlock the true potential of PowerPoint.
Here are some select slides LytePoint designed for various clients throughout the month of January.

Select Slides

January, 2015

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Template Example

October, 2015